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Deltacubes · India · 14 minutes ago · 3 applicants

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● Strong experience with OSGi back-end technology stack of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.5 and AEM as a Cloud Service to develop and manage AEM bundles and their configurations.

● Solid experience with AEM building blocks including templates, components, dialogs, custom widgets, workflow development, configurations and bundles.

● Experience with development and in-depth knowledge of Experience fragments, Content fragments, SPAs.

● Hands on LiveCycle Application Development (Forms, Output, Reader Extensions, Process Management, Render PDF forms etc.)

● Experience in building, designing and developing of static, dynamic, interactive or non- interactive Adaptive and HTML5 forms.

● Knowledge of client libraries, form themes, form templates and rule editor in adaptive forms.

● Hands on LiveCycle Designer, LiveCycle workbench, LiveCycle Admin console.

● Knowledge of Workspace and AEM Forms app with an ability to customize the console.

● Development of approval workflows, notification and email in workflow processes.

● Integration of forms data with existing or new database using queries or FDM.

● Solid knowledge and expertise in HTML5, JavaScript, Java, Web Services, XSD, XML, PDF, DB (Oracle or other).

● Experience working on form designs, creating templates and automated workflows.

● Good Understanding and configuration experience of AEM Forms Components Forms, Output, etc.

● Develop AEM adaptive forms from the templates.

● Document of record generation and configuration.

● Customizing AEM Adaptive forms to develop modal dialog windows to pass data back and forth from adaptive forms.

● Database and REST service integration with Adaptive forms.

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